To build and evolve the European cannabis space while fervently committing to creating high quality products, innovating and improving lives.


100% Swiss Made

HolyWorld SA. is a leading producer of cannabis derived products in Switzerland and Europe. We are actively involved in helping modernise and innovate in the global cannabis industry.

Founded in January 2018 by dynamic entrepreneurs, Holyworld is now a subsidiary of one of the world’s biggest Cannabis conglomerates, MPXI Corporation. We are in search of excellence and opportunities made possible by an emerging global industry. Consumer experience is at heart of everything we do to ensure MPXI brands reflect the tastes and preferences of current enthusiasts and future customers.

All our flowers are certified, 100% Swiss Made, tobacco and additive free. Our plants are grown on the shores of Lake Geneva with facilities located between the lake the Alps


Bio-Organic Certified

For more than 3 years, Our bio-organic certification guaranties you that our processes of cultivation, harvesting, drying, manicure and curing that best respect the integrity and intrinsic qualities of the plants and that make our products a reference of superior quality unanimously recognized on the market.

All our Swiss-premium quality products are grown, manufactured, and designed to exceed customer satisfaction and serve as the forerunners of the industry.

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Award winning

HolyWorld SA is an international subsidiary of the award-winning cannabis pioneers MPXI. Since 2015, MPXI have been developing leading cannabis operations and innovating award-winning products across both consumer and medical industries in North America. Our managers at MPXI have grown MPX bioceutical from a single Licensed Producer in Canada into one of the largest vertically-integrated, multi-state operators in the US and the world.

MPX bioceutical was acquired in 2018 for $835 millions. This acquisition gave our managers an opportunity to create a separate global brand which became MPXI International Corporation.

MPXI Corp. believes that building long-term international connections is the key to drive market shares. It is in our DNA to value sustainability, innovation and quality.

Founded MPX Bioceutical in


Retail locations opened


Scaled our annual production to


Revenue Run-Rate


Debt and Equity Financing


Sold in 2018 for


Founded MPX Bioceutical in


States expanded into


Retail locations opened


Premium SKUs


Scaled our annual production to


Debt and Equity Financing


Melting Point Extracts (MPX) is our award-winning cannabis brand, devoted to providing the cleanest and most effective products possible. MPX specializes in Hydrocarbon, CO2, and solvent-free extractions to provide a diverse line of high-quality products including live resin concentrates, wax, sauce, and diamonds.



Holyworld SA

Alastair Crawford


Louis-Philippe Escudié

Head of Business Development

Harnoor Grewall

Head of Business Strategy

Nicholas Varone

VP Extraction

Éleonor Picciotto

Head of Marketing and Strategy

Spencer Taylor


Board of Directors MPXI Corporation

Scott Boyes

Jeremy Budd

Alastair Crawford

Robert Petch

Randall Stafford

Management MPXI

Scott Boyes

CEO and Chairman

Jeremy Budd

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Jonathan Chu

Vice President and CFO

Michael Arnkvahn

Chief Operating Officer

Karl Bartolo

General Manager – Malta

MPXI Board of Advisors

Dr. Charles Akle

Saul Greenblatt

Jean-Marc Levy



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