To build and revolutionise the European cannabis space while fervently committing to creating high quality CBD products for the modern consumer.


Your opportunity to join the CBD industry

As one of the fastest growing industries in the world — with the global CBD market projected to reach £80 billion by 2026 — everybody wants in. But starting your own cannabis company from the ground up is challenging, more so than in any other industry. We know — we’ve gone through it.

By joining HOLYWEED as a franchise partner, you’ll be given a blueprint to open up your own retail space to sell CBD products in your city within the year, armed with our team of product, research & development, marketing and legal experts. On our end, we get to welcome an ambitious player in our booming ecosystem.

It’s a win-win.

Access to our experts network

Fast-track your way into the cannabis business and open up a retail experience in no time thanks to our franchise opportunity. You’ll be gaining access to our years of industry knowledge and team of experts, to help you navigate through:

Governmental laws, regulations and restrictions

Retail contracts and other legal documents

Retail space buildout design and planning

Industry and product knowledge

Customer experience training

Wholesale opportunities

New product offerings

Marketing and branding

You don’t need to have years of experience in the CBD cannabis industry to successfully open and operate a CBD business. We’re here to accompany you through each step, guide and coach you to uncover opportunities, and connect you with a pan-European network of like-minded visionaries.


"Make it Happen."

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We’ll be able to provide you with all information about franchise possibilities.